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Hi, I’m Anna Fra

Shiatsu &Enneagram practitioner

Anna fra shiatsu & eneagram therapist

Anna Fra has 20 years of experience as a Shiatsu Therapist both in the private and non for profit sectors.

She has helped thousands of individuals easing their way through alcohol and drug detox and has helped many with burnout, aches and pains, insomnia, anxiety, migraines, digestive issues and more.

Shiatsu is a Japanese hands on technique based on millennia old traditional Chinese medicine. It follows the Acupuncture Energy Meridians related to the organs. `it seeks to restore balance through bringing energy (Qi) and moving stagnated Qi into a flow. It works on the Parasympathetic nervous system to achieve deep levels of relaxation and enhance healing processes.

Anna has also a MSc in Clinical Psychology and has furthered her knowledge of psychology through the Enneagram of Personality, an insightful deep wisdom system that helps us see our unconscious patterns. Her approach seeks to empower, promote inner freedom and more fulfilling, compassionate relationships with ourselves, others and the world.

Anna is a certified Enneagram Typing Practitioner. You can find her in the Directory for UK and Ireland, Enneagram Alive

Anna Fra

Shiatsu Therapist
MSc Psychology
Enneagram Typing Practitioner
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Special Packages

My special packages to help you gain Vitality $ self awareness

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     some common FAQ

Questions I'm asked

Is Shiatsu massage good for you?

Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage.

It helps with common ailments, as a way to enhance your health and well-being or simply to relax and reconnect with your body.

It supports prevention and treatment of healing on a cellular llevel by activating the parasympathetic nervous the lymphatic blood circulation systems and improving cellular repair man’s function.

What do you wear to a Shiatsu massage?

Ideally, wear something comfy or bring something to change into before the session

How painful is a Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu is pleasant and relaxing. The amount of pressure will depend on your preference. There will be a sensation of release when treating tight areas.

What happens in a Shiatsu massage?

Your practitioner will greet you at the lobby of 65 London Wall to take you to the therapy room on the first floor.

There will be a short chat about your general health and specific issues you’d like to address. 

You’ll be lying down on a futon on the floor for the duration of the session. You can be on your back, front or / and side where the therapist will apply pressure with her hands, fingers, elbows, knees or feet as required and do mobility and stretches.

Leave your details and I'll get back to you with dates for the session.

Request an Appointment

Health in the City: 65 London Wall EC2M 5TU, London

Our Clients Reviews



"I came to Anna for shiatsu as I had a busy lifestyle and was looking to de-stress and have some time out for myself. Anna created a very supportive, nourishing environment which allowed me to relax and let go. She took time to check in with how my body was which made me feel comfortable and safe. She's very experienced as over the course of our shiatsus she was able to adapt to whatever was going on with my body. She brought a sense of calm and healing to her work and I always felt relaxed, refreshed with a new sense of purpose.I highly recommend Anna as a shiatsu practitionerElaine Thomson


I’ve had a shoulder issue for more than a year that made every day tasks complicated: putting on a coat was painful and attaching my bras difficult, reaching high shelves impossible... a bit worrying when you’re only 50! After just one session with Anna, the pain was gone and the amplitude of my movements almost back to normal. Just amazing! The second session further improved things and, with the recommended exercises I’m now back to normal. Highly recommended.

Celine Filippi

Thanks Anna for the wonderful Shiastu work you did during my therapy.  I honestly found Shiatsu massage to be very effective in my case. Especially the points on hands and knee joints release a lot of stress.

Sameer Ghadge

Ana Thank you so much. What you did was absolutely wonderful. I’ve started exercising which was my goal and am just grounding in different levels. I’ll definitely be in touch am just following guidance and so grateful for the pain not to be consistent anymore!

Elizabeth McCallum

I have had regular shiatsu treatments from Anna over a number of years. Her treatments are always excellent and she has resolved a number of long term problems I had.

Nigel Kerby

“The most relaxing thing I have ever done”

Carla Stinson

“Best shiatsu this side of Japan”

Duglas Earl

Anna is a very experienced Shiatsu therapist and her treatments are very relaxing and profound. I can highly recommend to take care for body mind and spirit.

Cheli Mula