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Each Enneagram type and subtype has a different path to self realisation. I’m offering one to one Typing Interviews and short Enneagram coaching to help you correctly identify your type and set you on your self discovery and psychospiritual growth path.

Each Enneagram type organises around specific emotions, thinking patterns and motivating factors. This makes our personalities less flexible and it takes our energy away from our real purpose.

We sometimes have glimpses that we are more than our personality, but our entrancement with it, makes it  difficult for us to maintain and work towards a greater awareness of ourselves.

The Enneagram is a wisdom system with its roots in the mystical schools of Christianity, Sufism and the Kabbalah and spiritual schools of the East.

Its symbol when correctly understood is the mandala of the soul. The Enneagram is a map that shows us the 9 distinct personality styles in which our psyche has learnt to adapt to the world.


logo-eneagram-accredited-professionals I am one of the few accredited Enneagram Professionals in the UK and Ireland You can find me here
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Benefits my clients experience with Enneagram

Enneagram deepens your self understanding

You will have deep insights into yourself, your thinking and emotional patterns

Enneagram broadens your understanding of other people

You will broaden your understanding of other people and the way you relate to them

Enneagram will allow you to have more choice and more control in your life

Enneagram will greatly support your psychotherapeutic process

If you are in therapy, it will  greatly support your psychotherapeutic process by giving you powerful tools

Enneagram will support your spiritual journey


The most common questions about Enneagram

Is the Enneagram a test?

 The Enneagram is a a map of the 9 personality types and 27 subtypes, their challenges, gifts and developmental path.
While there are tests offered to find your Enneagram type, their accuracy can be less than 50% as relies on self reporting which can be clouded by our own blind spots. Having an interview offers more a 3D depth to finding your type. 

What are the similarities and differences between the Enneagram and the MBTI

They’re both personality systems. The MBTI uses 8 cognitive variables to describe the 16 jungian types. 
The Enneagram goes deeper into the core of unconscious motivations and beyond description to offer a map of growth, inner work and psychospiritual development distinct for each of the types. 

There are many Enneagram books. What are your recommendations?

I hear you. Sometimes the most famous books or resources are not necessarily the best, but the ones with better marketing. 
My recommendations are: 
The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Russ Hudson and Don Riso. In my opinion the only thing that needs reviewing is their emphasis on wings. Apart from that is an excellent book. 
The Spiritual Dimension of the Enneagram by Maitri. Beautifully written and explained
The Enneagram guide to waking up by Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes. It’s both for beginners and advanced students. 
The Enneagram and the instinctual drives by Luckovich, very dense, punchy and controversial.

Are you qualified to do typing interviews?

I’m a certified typing practitioner. I completed my foundation course, typing training and currently in the process to be accredited as Enneagram teacher
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How it works?

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3- We Book the session

You book the session and attend on the day. You pay on the day with card or cash. If the session is online I send you the payment link and you pay at least 48h before the session.

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I have had regular shiatsu treatments from Anna over a number of years. Her treatments are always excellent and she has resolved a number of long term problems I had.

Nigel Kerby

“The most relaxing thing I have ever done”

Carla Stinson

“Best shiatsu this side of Japan”

Duglas Earl

Anna is a very experienced Shiatsu therapist and her treatments are very relaxing and profound. I can highly recommend to take care for body mind and spirit.

Cheli Mula