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Anna Fra shiatsu massage therapist and eneagram practitioner

Anna Fra

Enneagram Typing Practitioner

I offer 10% off for first timers. 

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This is my offer

Inner SpaCombo package

 Shiatsu + Enneagram combo

By choosing this option, you’ll treat and honour yourself to an Inner Spa experience.

You know that body, mind and soul are connected and want to experience and discover more of who you are, understand yourself and others and have a more fulfilling life experience.

True self knowledge starts with connecting to our bodies’s sensations and their intelligence.  That’s why combining Shiatsu and Enneagram brings a much more powerful healing experience.  Discovering the gifts of our human nature, part animal and part angel starts with being very present to our actions, emotions and thoughts.

Only then we can reconnect with our essential nature beyond the constraints of personality.


The most commonBenefitsclients experience

The most common Benefits clients experience

It aids your physical & mental health

You are affirming and taking charge of your life and your physical and mental health 

It helps your personal growth

You take action towards your personal growth.

It helps to put yourself at the centre of your life

You put yourself at the centre of your life to be in the best possible form to achieve what you want and serve your purpose.
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How it works?

1- You Connect

You book an appointment by sending the form below or you book a free 15min call to assess your needs

2- I contact you

I’ll get back to you with possible dates for a session (or for the free assessment call if that’s what you require) 

3- We Book the session

You book the session and attend on the day. You pay on the day with card or cash. If the session is online I send you the payment link and you pay at least 48h before the session.

Leave your details and I'll get back to you with dates for the session.

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Health in the City: 65 London Wall EC2M 5TU, London

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Our Clients Reviews



I have had regular shiatsu treatments from Anna over a number of years. Her treatments are always excellent and she has resolved a number of long term problems I had.

Nigel Kerby

“The most relaxing thing I have ever done”

Carla Stinson

“Best shiatsu this side of Japan”

Duglas Earl

Anna is a very experienced Shiatsu therapist and her treatments are very relaxing and profound. I can highly recommend to take care for body mind and spirit.

Cheli Mula